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SDC Unveils Outlaw Run Wood Coaster

By: Sally Kaucher
Posted: Thursday, August 09, 2012

A first-of-its-kind wood roller coaster will be up and running when Silver Dollar City begins a new season in 2013.   The 10-million dollar Outlaw Run was unveiled Thursday, and among those on hand was Gary Slade of the trade publication, Amusement Today…

Gary Slade 2012B808  

About that new twist…it’s the world’s only wood roller coaster to twist upside down, featuring a double barrel roll, as well as an 81-degree drop, the world’s steepest on a wood coaster.  Slade says features that appeal to roller coaster enthusiasts will draw many of them to take a ride, but Outlaw Run will also reach out into other parts of the amusement industry as more parks look at incorporating the technology into their facilities. 

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They’re calling it the world’s most daring roller coaster, and it’s under construction at Silver Dollar City.  VIPs turned out for Thursday’s unveiling, saying the 10-million dollar Outlaw Run wood roller coaster is built with modern technology and techniques, and will appeal not only to families, but to roller coaster enthusiasts.  Gary Slade of the trade publication Amusement Today agrees, but says it goes beyond that…

Gary Slade 2012B809   

Outlaw Run features an 81-degree drop, the steepest in the world for a wood roller coaster.  It’s also the world’s only wood coaster to turn upside down with a 720 degree double barrel roll.  Outlaw Run will be finished in time for the opening of Silver Dollar City’s 2013 season.

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A 10-million dollar investment in a world class wood roller coaster ride called Outlaw Run will open next spring at Silver Dollar City. asked CEO Joel Manby what’s involved in the decision to make a large investment in tough economic times…

Joel Manby 2012B810   

Manby says Outlaw Run follows a stagecoach theme and a story line that says the outlaws are on the run because the good guys always win.  He says honoring law enforcement is just one of the elements that will be included in some special announcements yet to come. 

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An 81-degree drop and an upside-down double barrel roll -- both are the first in the world for a wood coaster, and are part of the new Outlaw Run, opening at Silver Dollar City in 2013. asked Silver Dollar City CEO Joel Manby about the theme of Outlaw Run and how it was chosen…

Joel Manby 2012B811   

Manby was among the dignitaries on hand when Outlaw Run was unveiled Thursday at Silver Dollar City.  Construction began in January, but he says they waited to show off the new wood roller coaster until it would have a significant impact, and to keep the focus on this season.  Manby says the timing of the announcement of the new ride will also likely build season ticket sales as Silver Dollar City begins to look toward the 2013 season.     


??? - 08/09/2012 2:26:15 PM
Will they be this joyous if it crashes? Bigger is not always better.
...older folks! - 08/09/2012 8:19:31 PM
How about something new for the older folks to do after they pay the high ticket price to get in. Shows are too full, not enough seats, food lines too long, and not enough places to sit and eat...
And??? - 08/10/2012 12:29:15 PM
How about lower ticket prices? More bonuses for the locals.