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Crash South of Hollister Injures Thornfield Woman

By: Sam Clanton
Posted: Saturday, January 26, 2013

A woman from Thornfield was injured in a two-vehicle crash on U-S 65 five miles south of Hollister in Taney County.

State troopers say 22-year-old Jessica Chaffee’s vehicle was struck by 21-year-old Doyle Avaritt of Harrison, Arkansas, who reportedly failed to stop his vehicle at a stop light. The accident occurred around 4 p.m. Friday.

Chaffee was taken to Cox Medical Center Branson for treatment of moderate injuries.

Brenda - 01/26/2013 8:28:18 PM
What a nut!He took off after hitting her.(wonder what he had to hide)
Jessica - 01/27/2013 4:23:16 PM
He was later charged with drug paraphernalia, DUI, operating an uneffective equiptment, no seat belt, and I think he had drugs in his car. Those are the charges in Arkansas they haven't charged him yet in Missouri. But don't worry I will maked this kid pay! He could have killed me, he was going 70m.p.h.