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NABORS Landfill About to Go Broke

By: Harold Smith
Posted: Wednesday, September 11, 2013

At the end of this month, NABORS Landfill will be broke. The news was delivered by Ozark Mountain Solid Waste District Chairman Jeff Crockett at a meeting of the district's board of directors held Tuesday morning in Harrison.

Crockett said the remaining $56,000 in the account of the landfill, located in northern Baxter County, will be gone by October 1:

Jeff Crockett              

Crockett told the board he had not heard from the bond holders, nor had he heard from representatives of Inland Service Corporation of Austin, Texas. The bond holders and Inland had been negotiating the possibility of Inland managing the bankrupt landfill.

Crockett says there is another company, Fair Energy of Plano, Texas, interested in managing the landfill. But, until a deal is made, the NABORS Landfill will have to shut down on October 1st.