Kitchen Confidence 101

By Sandra Reames,

Carefree Catering,

Branson, MO



Nervous Eating, Feeling Anxious, looking for Convience?


We talked about April 15th last week and its almost here,


Before snack foods you would see people chewing there fingernails and chewing on their hair, now we have all types of snack food right at our finger tips, just on the next corner.


Remember when you had a service station on every corner, they might have a gum machine, or an 8oz coke machine.

Now there is entire convenience stores with gas being a secondary product.


In fact you might be surprised that BP, Texaco, Etc.  Do not want to be service stations, you know working on cars.


They make more money on those snack foods than car repair, plus you have the liability of was the car repaired correctly.


Tell me how many service stations that you know of, other than Ed’s Downtown Texaco.  It is a rarity indeed.


Convenience stores or mini-markets have become a way of life,  they welcome you at the pump with a sticker somewhere saying that you can get a 48oz coke soda or slushy for 99 cents with a fill up.


This is a marketing ultimate  strategy!


Even if we are not thirsty, we have to buy it to get the deal.


When you enter the store, ( and that is what they want) everything is there especially impulse buys in-fact it is a whole store of impulse.


Cookies, candy, sodas, coffee with all kinds of flavorings, many have fried chicken, sandwiches, doughnuts, fountain drinks, canned drinks, you name it they have it in ready to eat fair.


It’s like a 50 ft buffet wrapped in cellophane and cardboard.


One stop shopping and you can get gas too!


As Yakoff would said:  WHAT A COUNTRY!!!!


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